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We offer solutions to resolve problems in connection with the production of new products or the improvement of existing products.


v      Food

We provide analyses of food components, food supplements, food additives, prebiotics, probiotics etc. to determine their


                 immunmodulatory qualities (inflammation, allergy)

                 cytoprotective properties

                 antioxidative properties (FRAP-, ORAC- und TEAC-test).


We develop concepts for the production of

                 functional food



v      Medical devices

We help in the development of medicine devices. In the past we have used our knowledge particularly for the development of implants. Besides, our services on them are directed

                 to biological testing / biocompatibility / cytotoxicity

                 to the analysis of antimicrobial activities

                 to the realisation of functional studies

                 to the development of concepts with the product development.

v      Pharmaceuticals

We help in the licensing / postlicensing of pharmaceuticals. Our service spectrum comprises


                 the biological testing / biocompatibility / cytotoxicity

                 the proof / exclusion of contamination

                 the proof of characteristic features of the respective microorganisms and their products

                 the examination of the genetic identity of the microorganism along the production chain

                 the exclusion of pathogenicity.



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