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Molecular quality control


Molecular quality control has special meaning in quite different fields.

v      Biotechnology

Modern biotechnological production procedures such as for example the production of insulin, hyaluronic acid, streptokinase, antibiotics or also for bacterial cultures require the application of bioreactors. Our molecular quality control analyses the products with regard to

                 possible microbial contaminations

                 the identity of the microorganism

                 the composition of the microbial cultures.

v      Consumables (materials and reagents) 

Modern molecular-biological procedures including DNA- and RNA-analytics as well as cell biology require flawless materials and reagents. Our molecular quality control proves

                 the absence of contaminating DNA (microbial, human)

                 the absence of contaminating DNase (microbial, human)

                 the absence of contaminating RNase (microbial, human)

                 the absence of PCR inhibitors

                 the absence of endotoxins

                 the absence of cytotoxicity

in these products.


We carry out the DNA- and RNA-analytics exclusively by means of quantitative / qualitative

v      Pharmaceutical industry

In the production of biological pharmaceuticals (e. g. probiotics, bacterial lysates) our quality control serves


                 to prove / exclude contamination

                 to prove characteristic features of the micro-organisms specific for the respective product

                 to prove the genetic identity of the respective microorganisms along the production chain

                 to the proof of the biological activity of the respective product

                 to exclude pathogenicity of the respective product.

v      Cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry increasingly uses DNA-based tests for the molecular and microbiological quality control of its products. We are able to contribute to high class quality of cosmetics by means of our molecular quality control methods regarding, for example,




v      Food and animal feed industry

In the food and animal feed industry we determine by means of our molecular-biological analyses of food and feeds


                 the presence of allergens

                 the type of animal species

                 the type of plants

                 GMO / GVO (genetically modified organisms)

                 the presence of microoragnisms (quantification, characterisation, pathogenicity)

                 antibiotic resistance

                 antioxidative properties (FRAP-, ORAC- and TEAC-test).


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